Building Constructions

Ranging from tuffing, building construction and maintenance to landscaping, we do it all.

We have been awarded few contracts in the past and successfully finished a multi million project of building a District Education Office in Port Dickson in 2010.


Pantas Hebat Sdn Bhd install facades on buildings and constructions. We are here to provide professional facade installation contracting service. Pantas Hebat is recognised in the Malaysian market as facade installers of great integrity and high quality work. Pantas Hebat installations are facade installers for some of the best Kuala Lumpur and Malaysian aluminium curtain wall manufacturers

Composite Panel

At Pantas Hebat Sdn Bhd, our aluminum composite panels are designed to give your next commercial project the clean, innovative and dramatic appearance you are hoping for. Whether it is meant to simply highlight one aspect of your commercial property’s exterior or the entire exterior surface, our aluminum composite panel systems are guaranteed to provide you the necessary tools to make your Kuala Lumpur commercial building stand out for years to come.

Hj Muhamad Ghous Bin Zakaria PJK
Company Director


A Highly Dedicated Construction Company

Founded in 2007, Pantas Hebat Sdn Bhd is a specialist main contractor leading a new way for the industry. We are not just a contractor.We are a partner, collaborator and catalyst.

We approach our work with honesty and integrity

Relish the opportunity to deliver places and spaces with beneficial, long-lasting influence.

Creates a new benchmark and facilitates a positive legacy in the built environment by working alongside discerning and like-minded clients

Our projects are managed following a successfully tested process, designed to assign the perfect team for each construction project.

Our Major Clients


What we do best!

Our company provides a wide selection of facades, aluminium frames, roof trusses, glazing work, jcb, cranes, forklifts, building constructions work!

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